How to Unformat External Hard Disk?

Use the external hard drive recovery software for restoring valuable files and folders in a secure manner. Make use of trial version for evaluating the external HDD files before you opt for purchasing the licensed version.

With the advancement of time, people have become more familiar with virtual world entertainment like playing computer games, watching movies, taking digital photographs, etc & also they maintain their official & nonofficial work in digitized form i.e. as files for computer. So, to store out all this data which grows rapidly the computer system hard disk gets shorter & you need to look to an external hard disk that can store the amount of data. The external hard disk also facilitates you with the feature that you can carry your stored data & use it on various systems. Since the external hard disk is used on various computer systems, therefore, it becomes much risky to store data on it. There are chances that you need to go for formatting your hard disk which results in loss of all the precious data stored on your external hard disk.

However, this havoc situation can be handled well if you use Unformat disk utility to bring back files from your formatted external hard disk. This excellent utility enables you to regain data from formatted external hard disk even when the case behind formatting the external hard disk is worst. Let’s recollect what can be the cases in which one needs to go for formatting his hard disk.

Consider the case that you use your external hard disk on multiple systems or on systems which are not installed with good quality antivirus program. In this case, the chances of getting your hard disk infected by virus are higher. If there is a virus attack on your external hard disk & it grows to infect complete hard disk data then you will be left with none other option than to format your external hard disk.

Sometimes the file system of external hard disk gets corrupt & when you try to use your external hard disk then it shows the message to format the hard disk. So you need to format the external hard disk so that the file system of hard disk gets refreshed.

Many other such cases are there when you need to go for formatting your external hard disk. But the best solution to get back data lost from formatted external hard disk is only to use this tool. It scans deeply the formatted hard disk & brings out various kinds of file types including document files, media files, application files, etc stored on it. To restore quick formatted hard disk drive this tool is the best option.

This tool helps you to get back files from the formatted hard disk of various file system formats like NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, etc on Windows installed systems & HFS+, HFSX, etc on Mac OS installed systems. It gives you the availability to perform un-formatting of the external hard disk on systems installed with all the latest running versions of operating systems like Mac Lion, Mac Mountain Lion, Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, etc. At any moment if you format HFS disk on your Mac machine then make use of this application to recover formatted HFS disk quickly.

Steps to know how to unformat external hard disk:

Step 1: Connect your external disk to a computer where you are going to launch this application. Then after launching this tool on your computer you will get the main screen from which you need to select "Recover Drives" option. Then from the next screen, you need to select the option of "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" to unformat your external hard disk.

How to Unformat External Hard Disk - Welcome Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Pick out the external drive from this step to restore data from it and proceed further.

Unformat External Hard Drive - Select Formatted External Disk

Figure B: Select Formatted External Disk

Step 3: When the scanning process that was begun by the software gets completed you will be able to preview the restored data in the preview browser. After previewing the data if you want to store it on your system then you have to purchase it.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery - Save Recovered External HD Data

Figure C: Save Recovered External HD Data

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
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